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Selected Samples

SoundAdviceASU Magazine, May 2007 (Alumni Magazine)

Sound Advice

Composer Brent Michael Davids ’92 M.M. doesn’t want to be heard. “To be really good, you’re sort of not noticed,” says Davids about the nuances of film scoring. Read more.

DareDevilASU Magazine, Issue 3, 2006 (Alumni Magazine)

Dare Devil

ASU’s 16th president, Michael Crow, is just as comfortable on the seat of a mountain bike or on the top of a 14,000-foot mountain as he is lobbying government officials or speaking to international audiences about cooperative research agreements. Read more.

ClassActASU Magazine, Issue 2, 2006 (Alumni Magazine)

Class Act

When school superintendent Earl Pettit was faced with 45 teacher vacancies for the 2005-2006 school year and had filled only 29 of them by mid-July, he was running out of options. Read more.

AmphibianIssue 1, 2006

Amphibian Attraction

It could be the scientist in his blood, or simply his love of viruses, but James Jancovich couldn’t resist preserving his pet frog after it collapsed. Read more.

FutureEngineerFull Circle, Winter 2007 (School of Engineering)

Developing the Entrepreneurial Engineer of the 21st Century

At first glance, an electrical engineer working with biologists on single-cell analysis – racing to understand why some cells proliferate and others die – might seem a bit of an anomaly. Read more.

WalkAgainFull Circle Magazine, Fall 2007 (School of Engineering)

To Walk Again

When actor Christopher Reeve – best known as Superman – suffered a spinal cord injury during an equestrian event, his real-life body, without its on-screen superhero abilities, simply couldn’t repair itself. But what if it could … with the help of science and engineering? Read more.