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Our Founder

As a small girl growing up in rural Iowa, Laurel Kimball always wondered what was beyond the borders of her small town.

That same curiosity led her to Asia more than 30 times as an adult and inspired her to co-author an award-winning book of Spanish nursery rhymes. Over the years, her curiosity developed into a love of the arts and education, a passion for community volunteerism and a commitment to supporting environmental issues and national parks.

For Laurel, it all comes down to one thing: making the world a better place. The arts, education, volunteerism, environmental and cultural sensitivity, travel – she believes – do just that, enriching the human experience.

Drawn to the like-minded “serve others” philosophy of management expert Robert K. Greenleaf, Laurel felt it only fitting to name her company The Greenleaf Group.

“Part of the appeal of Greenleaf’s approach for me is that it suggests an integrity of life,” says Laurel. “His underlying concept is to put the purpose of the organization ahead of the ego, and that is what should be central to non-profits.”